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Larissa is a California and Florida licensed attorney who attributes her ability to multi-task to the two years she spent in the circus during college.


Bold City Legal, P.A. serves small businesses and freelancers in Florida and California.  The firm is guided by a core set of beliefs, including:

  • The law is complicated, your law firm doesn’t have to be.
  • Professional representation can be provided a casual atmosphere.
  • The best time for legal advice is before there is a problem.
  • Technology should be leveraged to keep time and financial costs done.
  • The best “board meetings” are those that involve surfboards.


I’m Larissa, a Florida and California attorney and the founder of Bold City Legal, P.A.. I started the firm to do what I love: use the law to help small businesses and freelancers grow and protect their businesses. Like many business owners, the road to figuring out what I love and excel at wasn’t a straight one.

During and after law school, the “dream” seemed to get a job at a law firm, work like a machine for a number of years, and eventually become partner. I did well in law school and got my first attorney job at a large multi-office law firm. On paper, I was on my way! Yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t for me. Working towards partnership in a law firm is a valid and admirable dream. It just wasn’t my dream.

I quit the job and went on to a “trial and error” period. I experimented with paid and pro bono work in different areas of law and took a detour to take MBA classes and work as a career advisor to business students.   It wasn’t easy to watch my peers earning raises and promotions while I was still trying to figure out my career direction. But tough times are good teachers.

Over time I learned that what I most enjoyed about the law was how it could be used to help people. And I found that I most enjoyed helping freelancers and small businesses – the photographer next door, the marketing professional moonlighting as a painter, the personal trainer working at a park to save money for a gym, and so on. Bold City Legal, P.A. is an outgrowth of these realizations.

As the firm owner and the primary attorney at Bold City Legal, I get to help businesses learn about an utilize the law to their advantage.  I collaborate with clients to help identify their legal needs and develop legal solutions based on their unique goals, budget, and time constraints.  I truly believe that the representation Bold City Legal provides helps businesses save time and money.  It is both great fun and a serious responsibility.

Whether you are a freelancer with a side-hustle or a business owner with multiple employees, I look forward to working with you.

All the best,

Larissa B.