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Larissa Bodniowycz is a California and Florida attorney who helps new and existing small businesses protect and grow their businesses. She attributes her ability to juggle multiple tasks to the time she spent in the circus.

What’s a Copyright? What’s a Trademark? (Hint: They’re Not the Same)

In my practice and social conversations, I’ve found that there is a lot of confusion over what copyrights and trademarks are and what the differences between the two are. If you are a freelancer or small business owner, this is information you need to know. Trademark and copyright law impact every business, whether you know [...]

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Two Informal Contracts Your Business Might Be a Party To

When we think of contracts we often think of formal documents with language like “whereas,” “notwithstanding,” and “now, therefore.” But not all contracts contain this type of language**, or any written language for that matter. Under the law of all states, including Florida and California, a contract is formed when there is an offer by [...]

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Business Lessons from Paris Hilton (Don’t Laugh!)

Anyone remember Paris Hilton? Paris is widely considered “famous for being famous,” and has been the subject of many jokes attacking her intelligence. But before you laugh, just know, she’s laughing too, all the way to the bank. The blonde heiress of the Hilton family fortune became a household name around 2003 when she starred, [...]

How to Protect Your Business Name at All Stages of Business

Deciding to start your own business is a difficult decision, but choosing a business name might be even harder. Many business owners have nearly lost their mind trying to come up with a memorable, catchy name with an available website domain.   This harrowing process has led to a trend among tech companies of using nonsensical, [...]

Protecting Business Names: A Tale of Two Burger Kings…

How are you protecting your business name? If your answer is “I don’t know” or “fictitious business name,” you might be at risk of losing the ability to prevent others from using your business name, or even worse, at risk of losing the ability to use the business name at all. To better understand the [...]

Guest Post: Protecting Your Business’s Crown Jewels

This post was written by Kosta Martikas, a recent graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law. Kosta has a strong interest in business and corporate law which he advanced through his law school education and position as the President of the Business Law Society. Trade secrets are important business assets that contrary [...]

Work with Good People, Use a Contract Anyway

In the midst of working with a friend on a contract, he sent me an e-mail with the quote “You can’t have a good contract with a bad person.”* He hates contracts. A lot of freelancers and business owners do. They slow down projects and are a hallmark of the corporate world. As an attorney, [...]

Guest Post: Talking about Trademarks

This post was written by Mason Baldwin, a recent graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law. Mason focused his law school education on business and corporate law.  Here, Mason breaks down the different levels of protection that Trademarks are given under the law. The protectability of a trademark is determined on the basis of [...]

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Business Contracts in an Online Era

Ask any of the thousands of law students currently studying for the July Bar Examination what the elements of an enforceable contract are and they will mindlessly respond: “offer, acceptance, consideration.” In other words, a contract is “a bargained for exchange” (another Bar Examination buzz phrase). The parties to a contract are exchanging things of [...]

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Not so SOLE Proprietorship: Hiring Employees

Recently, a friend and California sole proprietorship, asked whether she could hire employees as a sole proprietor. The short answer: yes, sole proprietorships can hire employees. Although the formality associated with hiring employees may seem at odds with the informality of a sole proprietorship, neither Florida nor California prohibit sole proprietors from hiring employees. The [...]